Video Conf.


Video Conf.


Video Conf.


Video Conf.

After customer schedules their LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping Appointment through Bookafy, they will receive an appointment verification email directing them to click through a link provided, which will automatically connects them to a Video Conference with the Store on the day and time of their 1-on-1 Private Shopping Appointment.  The buttons below are ZOOM channels for our PSA’s to connect with multiple customers.

The customer is not required to download any app, nor does the ZOOM link place anything on the customers computer or phone - the link provided simply opens the connection to the Store and provides a two-way Video channel for the 1-on-1 private shopping session.  The Video below is only for those interested in how ZOOM works, and provides you the source for your own personal ZOOM Video Call application.   The API Plugin application will be pre-programmed providing each Store a unique Video Conferencing account.

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