Getting Started - This page is your introduction to Streaming eCommerce Live, FAQ of the service, and Contact info for further questions and support.  Below see basic information on the function and use of each Nav button for Streaming eCommerce Live.  Further below see additional instructional information and videos on each function of SeC LiveSeC Live could not be easier to use, or more user friendly - the next best thing to actually being in our store!

The MySizeID button will launch the MySizeID App download site.  In order to have the best experience with our Streaming eCommerce Live 1-on-1 Private Shopping Service, please download the App and set-up your MySizeID profile.  This only needs to be done one time.  The MySizeID program will help to correctly match you with all brands and apparel items in our store...this will greatly reduce the return of items that do not properly fit.

Our Bookafy button launches our Bookafy Calendar which provides for scheduling of your Online Direct to Store LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping Appointment.  You will receive an email conformation of your appointment indicating date, day and time for your appointment, and a link to the video channel.  Bookafy will send you a 24-hr reminder of your appointment along with your video channel.

The Button links to our Streaming eCommerce Live webpage providing for the download and setup of a personal account (for those who wish to have the app).  You DO NOT need the app to connect with the Store for your Streaming eCommerce Live private shopping session.  Bookafy will send you a link to click and open your Live shopping session, through your computer, without the need to download anything - its that simple!

The Stripe button connects our customers with our secure Stripe Payment gateway account.  We offer a variety of payment options ranging from debit cards, credit cards and e-checks to digital payments like Apple Pay, PayPal and Visa Checkout.  A screen share will allow us to detail your checkout and itemize your purchases - your receipt will be emailed to you.  A secure electronic record is also stored for your future reference.

The Streaming eCommerce Live service uses the #1 cloud-based shipping service ShippoShippo provides us the best and lowest cost shipping service for each unique location.  Shippo provides our customers with detailed shipment information, comprehensive tracking history, up-to-date estimated time of arrival (ETA), and 27 more tracking statuses than other services.  All shipping, carrier, tracking and logistic information accessible from one button!

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