The Next Generation eCommerce
Blurring the Distinction Between Online and In-Store

On-line Direct to Store LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping

The Dune Berry LLC is currently in the process of completing the development of a new disruptive service and technology blurring the distinction between online and in-store commerce.  Streaming eCommerce Live (SeC Live or eShop Live) is the next generation of online eCommerce - an Omni-Channel Direct to Store Online LIVE 1-on-1 Private Shopping Service.  SeC Live bridges the gap between on-line e-Commerce and the brick & mortar store. 

Streaming eCommerce Live will be the most exciting, game changing, service/system/technology to launch into the Retail sector since Online eCommerce Stores, or Popups...and clearly the best choice for small independent retailers vs traditional online eCommerce.

This password protected presentation provides the salient details about our Streaming eCommerce Live service/system/technology.  It is believed Streaming eCommerce Live has the potential to become a Unicorn company.